We predict, prevent, and resolve problems
We reduce risk and optimise performance
We design and deliver evidence-based solutions, and debrief solution impact 
We align purpose, people, process, and place to add value to your business  

Lead Products & Services include:     

  • Psychosocial risk assessment and management;

  • Expert opinion and expert witness services including injury likelihood and prosecution risk profiling;

  • Business, OSH, & HR strategic review and corporate advisory services; and

  • Psychosocial risk management capability building.

Supporting Products & Services

  • Change and project management;

  • Organisational design;

  • High performance cultures, including stress optimisation;

  • Employee and organisational development programs, 

  • Performance appraisal and management systems;

  • Reward and recognition schemes; 

  • Leadership development and coaching;

  • Workforce planning; and

  • Employee assistance programs (EAP) and rehabilitation services.

Why do we do what we do?
Our vision is to improve business performance and worker psychological health and safety across our country, and across the globe.


Our mission is to help businesses proactively design work and workplace environments that both foster worker performance and are PsychSafe, so workers do not merely survive, but rather, thrive and their employer becomes successful in a socially responsible way.


It's a win-win-win situation - for our clients, their workforce, and the wider community.


What underpins our approach?

The way we think and act is guided by five core values:

  1. Integrity: We call it as we see it, we tell you what you need to hear, and our views are always evidence-informed. We expect mutual honesty in every interaction we have with our clients. We lead by example; we operate "Psychsafe."

  2. Collaboration: We work together. We partner with you. Our team has been hand picked for their ability to listen to, learn about, and link with our clients. We don't believe in 'them and us'; we do believe in 'we.'

  3.  Professionalism: We conduct ourselves and our operations with ethical uprightness, dignity, and competence. We use our specialist expertise to its maximum to maintain our service standards.  

  4.  Achievement: We are results-driven, and 100% focused on performance and beneficial outcomes. We help our clients to achieve the goals they set, just as we work hard to meet each and every deliverable we commit to.

  5.  Accountability: We are transparent in our communications with clients. We firmly believe there is value in making mistakes, but we do not believe in excuses, and we seek to foster the same approach in our clients.