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Our trans-disciplinary team offers our clients the benefits of an integrated, well-balanced approach to all our products and services.

Dr Rebecca Michalak

Managing Director  | 

Professional Speaker  |  Author

BA Psych (Hons), MBA, MMR, PhD (Business), CAHRI

Certified Trainer & Assessor, TMS Accredited Practitioner

With more than 20 years experience in senior management, human resources, and consulting roles in the private, public, and NFP sectors, Dr Becs' primary interests lie in strategic HRM, including values-based alignment and psychosocial hazard / risk factor management, a perspective underpinned by social sustainability principles.

Dr Becs has specialist expertise in psychosocial hazard and risk factor analytics including likelihood of psychological injury and injury foreseeability, prosecution risk profiling and comparative benchmarking, psychological health and safety culture maturity assessment, and PCBU strategic mindset and performance indicator review, with an integrated risk management and corporate governance focus.

A firm believer in the notion of 'healthy mind, healthy body', Rebecca enjoys equestrian activities and competing in triathlon and running events in her spare time. She's a Summer bubbles and Winter Pinot Noir person.

Michelle Dewell

Executive Coach & Senior Consultant

BEng (Hons), CEng, MIMechE, AIMM, MAICD, ACC, CPC, e-DISC Practitioner

Certified Trainer & Assessor, Accredited Hogan Assessment Systems Practitioner


Michelle has over 20 years of international experience in business, including people management, project management, logistics management, sales and operations planning, business and strategic planning, and risk management.


She now focuses her consulting work on executive coaching, with an emphasis on a holistic approach to both professional and personal life. Michelle has a particular interest in and success with coaching those identified as ‘top’ talent within an organisation.


In her spare time, Michelle is into abstract painting, travelling, reading crime thrillers, and fine foods. She's a Champagne person.

Christy Whitby

WHS Specialist (Audit & Compliance)

Dr Qusai Hussain 

Clinical & Forensic Psychologist


BSc (Paramedical Science), PGrad. Occ. Medicine, Health & Safety


In addition to a successful background in management and advisory services, Christy has extensive experience in occupational health and safety, including several years as a paramedic in industrial and metropolitan settings. 


An emergency medicine and response expert, Christy specialises in health and WHS service audits, health risk identification and continuous improvement mechanisms. She assists client progress from sub-to-base level compliance conduct to proactively managing WHS risks as a core strategic imperative.


Christy has a passion for all things outdoors, especially the sun, sand and surf. She's with Rebecca on the Summer bubbles and Winter Pinot front.

BA,LLB(Hons), MA(Forensic Psychology), DPsych(Melb), MAPS


Trained as both a lawyer, and a clinical and forensic psychologist., Qusai has worked in a variety of roles across law firms, courts, prisons, specialist treatment centres, outpatient facilities, hospitals, law enforcement and the corporate sector.


Focussed on performance, he provides executive coaching and strategies to reduce the incidence of workplace mental health problems, increasing workplace productivity and employee satisfaction. A Certified Trainer of the Emotions & Behaviour at Work, Emotional Intelligence (EI) Model, he has developed the Metacognetics™-EI program and Metacognetics™ – SR program driven by evidence-based research on performance enhancement for professionals. The program enhances cognitive performance and reduces the impact of mental health issues using cognitive, EI and mindfulness-based techniques.


In his spare time, Qusai likes to relax with his two boys, and when they’ve had enough of him, he’s out and about mountaineering, camping or sailing.


Jodi Rolph

Professional Coach & Occ.Therapist

BSc (Occ Ther), CPC, ACC

Jodi has over 16 years of experience in coaching, occupational therapy, and workers compensation rehabilitation, having worked throughout Australia and the UK in a variety of settings including the logistics, mining, commercial, medical, information technology, air transport, retail, education, legal, and tourism sectors.

She supports and facilitates the improvement of each individuals skills and leadership qualities to assist them to achieve their identified professional and personal goals. Her primary interest is in coaching people who want to develop greater insight into their professional potential and the factors that are holding them back, in order to push beyond those barriers towards goal achievement.

When she isn't working, Jodi keeps busy looking after her three boys (the twins, and her husband) and her daughter. She's with Rebecca on the Pinot front.

Dr Beverley Kirk

Consulting Psychologist

BSocScPsych (Hons), PhD, APS, AHPRA


Beverley has 20 years experience as a consultant psychologist in both the clinical and workplace setting.  Her research focused on emotional intelligence, emotional self-efficacy, emotions, workplace incivility and job satisfaction. 


Bev specialises in rehabilitating employees who have experienced varying levels of uncivil workplace behavior, which leads to high levels of stress, low productivity, exhaustion and absenteeism. These consults aim for a greater awareness and understanding through the application of emotional intelligence and emotional self-efficacy to raise confidence and belief to pre-injury / incident levels.


Beverley thoroughly enjoys a good coffee, art house and foreign movies, writing, philosophy, reading, family and friends.


“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.​" 

Andrew Carnegie

Tony Sprlyan  

 Ladership  (    )LSeniorSeniorSenior Consultant (Leadership)

Grad Dip (Business), Dip (Training & Assessment Systems)

Certified Trainer & Assessor, TMS Accredited Practitioner

After ten years in the Navy, Tony became a Physical Education Master in the private school system, travelling to Czechoslovakia to become a FIVB level 11 Volleyball coach, and working with their national team. Four years as strength coach of the West Coast Eagles followed, with Tony exposed to sport and leadership at the highest level.

Utilising the power of people to enhance the performance of organisations is his passion. Over the last 24 years he has consulted in high performance team work and leadership to a broad range of clientele across the private and public sector, with an emphasis on leadership development and effectively implementing business improvement techniques in support of organisational change.

Outside work, Tony continues to pursue an extensive health and fitness regimen and is active in show jumping and one day eventing as a leisure pursuit. His preference is for a fine Merlot. 

​Jon Chan

High Performance Psychologist


BA Psych (Hons), BBusMgt, Masters of Sport and Exercise Psychology


Jon is a performance and positive psychologist specialising in mental toughness, and leadership,  having worked locally and internationally  in  a range of settings, including oil/gas, construction, mining/resources, utilities, professional services.


Jon focusses on strengthening capability, culture, and performance outcomes, and the provision and implementation of strategic and operational advisory services in critical change and growth projects. His strength of LEAN Project Management enables him to effectively deal with the ambiguity associated with people, culture, performance, and innovative product development in a disciplined manner.


Jon is a keen sportsperson, loves the outdoors, and is just a little bit of a foodie.

Stephen Hughes

Legal Consultant


Stephen has more than 20 years experience as a workplace relations specialist, providing high level policy and strategic advice to public, private, and not-for-profit organisations.

As our independent legal consultant, he provides advice to PsychSafe clients on industrial relations, workers’ compensation litigation and appeals, personal injury litigation (including psychological and psychiatric injury claims), discrimination and bullying/harassment litigation, and OHS litigation matters.​

Stephen caught the travel bug early and makes the most of any opportunity to explore other countries, with a penchant for locations with warm weather and great cuisine. 

Tim Douge

Physical Health & Lifestyle Consultant

BAppSci(Exercise Physiology), AEP - ESSAM


As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Tim has a wide range of experience working with organisations in a variety of industries including engineering, IT, and professional services to help enhance the health of their workforce and the productivity of their business.


Tim's role is to advise on and facilitate cultural and environmental changes within an organisation. He works with the Psychsafe team to implement workplace health interventions with a wholistic approach to produce measurable health and business outcomes.


Tim balances his work life with very active leisure time playing AFL in the Queensland State League. He is also involved in social basketball and touch football. Like Stephen, Tim is passionate about travel (whenever the local surf conditions fail to keep him on domestic soil). If it's raining outside, Tim is partial to a good scotch, and a bit of Game of Thrones.

Jemma King

Research Analyst

BSc (Psychology), BBusMgt (Hons) 

After a successful previous career in marketing, and two years study in medical science, Jemma has now turned her attention to pursuits in psychology, management,  and organisational research, with a special interest in psychoneuroimmunology. 

​Jemma's approach is focused on integrating neuroscientific, behavioural, and psychological perspectives in an insightful and practical way to help individuals achieve the best results in their careers. She has advanced skills in organisational research, including online experimental designs and manipulations, and quantitative data analysis.

Jemma is into yoga, getting out in nature (especially camping), reading, and holistic health. She has three children, and loves cooking.

Dr Maria Beaumond

Senior Consultant (International HRM) 

PhD (SHRM), Masters of International Relations, Bachelor of Architecture

Maria possesses extensive experience in international trade and development, and in international development projects. This includes special expertise in the mining and education industries, as well as emerging markets within Latin America including Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina.

Maria advises multinational organisations on global human resource management (HRM) strategies including talent mobility and management, and coordinating HRM strategies and knowledge transfer between corporate and subsidiary levels, as well as between parent companies and their geographically dispersed subsidiaries.

Maria speaks fluent Spanish and English, and moderated Portuguese. Her interests include Bikram yoga, and  agreeable conversations accompanied with a good wine. 


Digital Projects (Technical Team)

Toluna specialises in research process automation, using streamlined digital platforms that reduce time from data collection to insight, and are optimized for both the respondent and user.


As Digital Projects provider, Toluna works closely with PsychSafe to match client diagnostic level needs with PsychSafe Tools, before actively managing time frames for data collection to ensure on-time project delivery. Toluna is also responsible for post-digital project evaluation and follow up.