Results-Oriented. Evidence-Informed. Solution-Focused.

Do you effectively manage hazards and risks that decrease worker performance and well-being? Are your employees engaged, productive, and aligned with your corporate values and business objectives? The reality is many businesses do not have the evidence -  the data - to answer these questions with confidence. We take the guess work out of the equation, because we measure what matters. And if we find the answer is "no", we help turn it into a "yes."



We are results-oriented.

Developed to ensure that we always meet our clients expectations, our unique 6D® process is the basis of all our client work. 6D® includes:

1. Discuss:  We listen to our clients, learn about their key business objectives, and then link these objectives to the management of their people. Listen, learn, and link.

2. Diagnose: This step is data-centric. The PsychSafe Toolkit is used to gather information on factors such as psychosocial risks and performance related outcomes.

3. Develop: The data is used to develop an action plan, including recommendations for solutions to identified areas for improvement. We suggest short, intermediate, and long term benchmarks for your business to work towards.

4. Deliver: We select the members of our expert team who can best facilitate the achievement of agreed deliverables, and then we get doing.

5. Debrief: This step is evaluative. We critically examine implementation success by assessing progress towards / achievement of relevant benchmarks and we seek feedback on your satisfaction with our service provision.

6. Discuss: Our approach is full circle. As Steps 5 and 6 of our 6D® process clearly demonstrate, we do not believe in the "in and escape" approach to consulting; we believe in results.




We are evidence-informed.

Vital to the diagnostic step in our 6D®  process, our Psychsafe Toolkit is evidenced-based, reliable and valid. This Toolkit includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hazard / Risk Factor Analytics and Assessments

  • Surveys and Psychometrics ;

  • Digital and F2F Discussion Forums;

  • Site-Visits;

  • Focus Groups;

  • Facilitation Techniques; and 

  • One-on-One & Group Interviews.

Our data collection tools have been selected for their capacity to gather the evidence required for well-informed decision making. These tools are efficient, easy to use, and are fully customisable.

The PsychSafe Toolkit has also been designed to cover the individual, team, organisational, and profession / industry-based levels of analysis.

We offer comprehensive (e.g., including a variety of hazards, risks, and performance outcomes), through to targeted (e.g. focusing on specific risks and performance outcomes) assessments.

Data collection is completely anonymous and de-identified, monitored (participation and non-participation is recorded), or identified, depending on its purpose.



We prevent and resolve problems.

Our team integrates across specialised fields to design, deliver and evaluate targeted, evidence-based solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Psychosocial risk assessment & management;

  • Expert opinion / expert witness services;

  • SHRM review and advisory services;

  • Business & HRM strategy alignment;

  • Change & project management;

  • High performance cultures & stress optimisation;

  • Performance appraisal & management systems

  • Leadership development & coaching;

  • Workforce & succession planning;

  • Emotional intelligence training; and

  • Employee Counselling and rehabiliation.


By designing and implementing solutions to address identified areas for improvement, we help businesses with their compliance and corporate governance requirements.

In doing so, we help create performance outcomes that lead to the achievement of your business objectives, so we become a strategic partner in your company's ongoing success.

In line with our long term view on building lasting relationships, we do not want our clients to simply achieve certain best practice benchmarks. We want our clients to become the benchmark.

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